Get Your CEREC Porcelain Crowns In Fort Myers

Fort Myers’ patients enjoy the many benefits of CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic). CEREC treatment cuts out lengthy dental visits and the need for multiple appointments which are oftentimes associated with typical restorations. Dental patients in need of crowns, inlays, overlays or veneers to put the health back into their smile, have a faster, more complete treatment option in the form of CEREC solutions by Mitchell Dentistry.

A computerized-assisted design (CAD) procedure and a milling machine are both used to create in-house custom ceramic restorations. Fast treatment with long-lasting results, CEREC has become one of the leading restoration procedures for patients with busy lives.

Fort Myers Dental Patients Benefit from CEREC because: 

Dr. Mitchell’s patients love the convenience CEREC provides. The CAD creates instant detailed results in much less time than other restorative procedures.

Advanced technological techniques give the dentist precise chair side corrective treatment guidance. Enhances aesthetics and durability of the finished product.

The chemical bond saves more of the original tooth than a typical crown.

Natural looking results with a cost effective price

Solves dental emergencies in less time


No gum irritations

No metal

Mitchell Dentistry patients love having the CEREC option 

The first step in CEREC treatment is to prepare the tooth (remove plaque, fillings, and shape as required by CEREC standards). Impressions are made with titanium dust and a high-tech medical grade computer to create an exact image by the CEREC camera. With the image displayed on the computer screen, the dentist is able to view all angles for a complete restorative design. In as little as 15 minutes, the final restoration is ready for placement. With a few final touch-ups, the final product is set in place with dental cement.

What does a patient gain using CEREC?

Time – One visit completes the process. No temporaries to deal with!

Strength – CEREC restorations are typically 4 times stronger than traditional crowns.

Ideal fit – Blends in with the rest of teeth for a natural looking/feeling bite.

Quality work – Computer generated precise craftsmanship.

Mitchell Dentistry provides restoration treatments that fit into busy schedules.

Contact the office today and find out more about how CEREC restorations will solve dental concerns in one appointment. With CEREC, your dental treatment is finished quickly. It is a cost-effective treatment that provides a healthy natural looking smile that fits into your busy life. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell and find the best answers for your dental concerns. 

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