Laser Therapy

Only a CO2 laser incorporates all facilities for absolute accuracy in micro-surgical applications coupled with total efficiency in the speed of energy transmission, resulting in optimal treatment, prognoses and recovery.

The benefits and safety of the CO2 10,600 nm wavelength have been well documented in research over many years. The high absorption rate in water always guarantees absolute safety and a patient friendly therapy. Due to its minimal absorption depth of 1/10 mm, underlying or surrounding tissue structures cannot be damaged or compromised. Most surgical procedures can be performed with less anesthetics and perfect coagulation, resulting in minimal post-operative pain and swelling. Additionally, bacteria killing properties have been well documented. The added benefits of optimal and predictable recovery give the practitioner and patient security and assurance.

Laser therapy will aid in improving many areas of your oral health, including: periodontal applications, gum surgery, removing excess gum tissue or growths, biopsies, cold sores, canker sores, and esthetic gum contouring.


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