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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by repeated breathing pauses during sleep. It is a potentially life-threatening, yet treatable disease. Besides disrupted sleep habits, a lapse in breathing can potentially last several seconds up to a minute, multiple times each night. Untreated, this disease increases the risk factors for high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.  It will also affect the sleep of a partner. Treat sleep apnea to improve overall health. Everyone benefits from a good night’s sleep!

Many patients are not aware they have a sleep disorder until a doctor diagnoses the problem. A routine visit to a primary physician may show signs of the disorder and follow-up testing is used to diagnose the problem. A CPAP mask is often used to treat the condition. Some patients are intolerant of their CPAP machine.  We will then send patients to dentists, such as Dr. Mitchell in Fort Myers for a sleep apnea oral device.

Sleep Apnea Therapy in Fort Myers

A sleep apnea dental apparatus is used to treat sleep apnea when the CPAP is unsuccessful. The apparatus is an FDA approved alternative approach to treating sleeping disorders.

Dental sleep apnea therapy consists of a custom fit oral device, that helps push forward the lower jaw to prevent the tongue from blocking the main air passage. This appliance may be used in conjunction with the machine or on its own.

Rest Easy with Dental Sleep Apnea Therapy 

Some sleep disorders are corrected with a few lifestyle changes. Many doctors will suggest that mild sleep apnea patients should stop or limit smoking, drinking, and or consider weight loss to help correct their condition. It is important to get tested and diagnosed by a medical doctor before treatment from your dentist.  As the CPAP is still the standard treatment of sleep apnea, it is important to also check with your insurance company prior to treatment to discuss coverage. Contact the office of Mitchell Dentistry today

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