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Mitchell Dentistry provides quality dental services for the whole family. James Mitchell, DDS has practiced family dentistry for over 30 years, keeping healthy smiles and restorations a priority for all family members.

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At Mitchell Family Dentistry, your family becomes our family. Having the same dentist for the whole family allows the dentist to register patterns and genetic predispositions common within a single family unit. Often times, when one family member requires dental work, the other members of the family require work in a similar fashion. Having the same dentist for everyone in the family can help improve diagnosis and treatment for everyone involved.
When patients get into the habit of having routine check-ups, early detection can catch dental problems in the beginning stages, making restoration corrections a less troublesome experience. Family dentistry services at our Fort Myers dental practice can ensure every member of your family enjoys a healthy, beautiful smile.

Children’s Dentist

Patient education is extremely important to us. Starting from the age of three, children can begin building good dental habits. By providing age-appropriate care during every visit, Dr. Mitchell helps children build the essential foundation for a future of beautiful smiles and healthy teeth.
At Mitchell Dentistry, children take part in counting their teeth and learn proper brushing techniques. Children learn to build and maintain a healthy smile with preventative dental education from Dr. Mitchell and staff. Proper fluoride treatment plans help to build strong healthy teeth. Furthermore, our hygienist is specially trained to watch for excessive fluoride, which can cause early gum recession.

Family Dental Care and Services in Fort Myers

At our dental office, we provide the services your family needs to maintain good dental hygiene. Our services include:

Routine cleaning to help clean plaque and tartar from teeth before gingivitis can develop.

Fillings for cavities, repairing the structural integrity of the tooth. Dr. Mitchell also inspects older fillings and the surrounding area to help ensure quality care for patients. Weak or cracked fillings are replaced to help maintain healthy smiles.

Root Canal Therapy to treat tooth decay, removing infected pulp and cleaning the affected area.

Crowns for saving teeth from fractures and damage, as well as strengthening teeth

Dental Implant Restorations to correct missing teeth

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With family dentistry at our Fort Myers dental practice, you can trust we’re providing everyone in your family with the same, quality service families want. To schedule dental appointments, contact Dr. James Mitchell at Mitchell Dentistry today.

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